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How to Choose a Removal Company

Buying and selling houses at the same time can be a busy and stressful time. Using a removal company might add to your moving costs, compared to a DIY approach, but it can also save you valuable time and result in a more enjoyable moving experience. However, choosing the right removal company is key to […]

Buying and selling houses at the same time can be a busy and stressful time. Using a removal company might add to your moving costs, compared to a DIY approach, but it can also save you valuable time and result in a more enjoyable moving experience. However, choosing the right removal company is key to ensuring a smooth journey to your new home. In this blog, we delve into when you might want to hire a removal company and why and how to choose a removal company.

Do I need to use a removal company?

Your decision to hire a removal company will depend on various factors, such as the size of your home, how many items you have to move, the distance to your new home, and your personal preferences. While some people may opt for a DIY approach and hire a van, this can be stressful. Professional removal companies offer expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind, and some even offer a packing service, providing you with a totally hands-off experience.

What services do removal companies offer?

Understanding the range of services offered by removal companies is crucial for tailoring your move to your specific needs. From packing and loading to transportation and unloading, removal companies provide solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements. However, with increased convenience often comes increases in cost. Simply getting a removal company to do the heavy lifting and transportation can massively reduce time and stress.

How much does a removal company cost?

Cost considerations are a pivotal aspect of the decision-making process. Many factors influence removal company costs, such as distance travelled, the size of the move and the types of services required. Removal companies can even supply you with packing materials if need be. Zoopla estimates the average house removal cost for a 3-bedroom home to be around £880, or £1200, with a packing service included. Getting several quotes will help you understand how much you are likely to pay and what services you might prefer.

How do I find cheaper removal companies?

For those seeking cost-effective options, the first step is to decide whether to pay for a removal company or a DIY approach. Once you decide that you want to enlist the help of a removal company, you will need to get several quotes and a breakdown of the services offered by each company. Also, consider moving off-peak times to take advantage of reduced pricing options.

How do I choose a removal company?

Choosing the right removal company involves a thoughtful evaluation of various factors. Always gather recommendations from family and friends where possible, assess company reviews to verify credentials and get a feel for the staff when they come to to do a home survey for the quote. A survey, via an inspection or video will help to provide the most accurate quote. 

Nobody likes a hard sell but look for a knowledgeable company that offers high levels of customer service. Also, make sure the. right services to suit your needs is clear about any additional charges, such as for cancellations or delays in the home moving company has the  Good In Transit and Public Liability Insurance. You can also check for accreditations with bodies such as The British Association of Removers. 

You will also want to know that you are protected should you be dissatisfied with the service you receive, so Before choosing a removal company, ask about their complaints procedure. There is also the Removal Industry Ombudsman Scheme (RIOS) that can help you get a resolution if you are still not satisfied following a complaint.

How far in advance do I need to book a removal company?

Look to contact removal companies for quotes at least six weeks before your move. This will give them time to conduct a home survey, provide you with an accurate quote, and choose the most appropriate service level, which means time you don’t have to worry about the logistics of moving leading up to your moving day.

Are there any hidden fees with a removal company?

Being proactive in understanding and addressing hidden fees can prevent financial surprises during the moving process. Removal companies should be upfront about all costs, but here are some additional charges you may not be aware of:

  • Packing supplies
  • Disassembly of furniture
  • Additional charge for heavy items
  • Cancellation fee
  • Storage fee (delays)
  • Parking fees

What information should I give to a removal company?

Effective communication with your removal company is vital to a successful move. The key information you should provide to removal companies includes the number of rooms and items to move, dates for moving, including any adjustments as soon as you know, and any restrictions on access or parking for both your property and the new house, although they will assess your current home for this during the home survey. Also, clearly mark any fragile items and tell the removal company staff about these items on moving day to make sure they don’t overlook your labels. Finally, be clear about where you want each box and even include that in your labelling to save you time unpacking on the other end. 

With all the things to consider during.  it is worth considering which tasks you want to manage yourself for a big home move and which you would prefer to hand over to a professional. If you do opt to use a removal company, choosing the right removal company will ensure a seamless and organised relocation.

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