First Time Buyers Guide to Shared Ownership

A Step by Step Guide to Shared Ownership

If you’re a first-time home buyer looking to purachase their first home, having an expert guide to different methods of buying a house is necessary to understasnd what method is right for you.

Avoid confusing information with Propertyable’s guide to shared ownership. We’ll take you through every step of the process of shared ownership, along with top tips to help you decide if the scheme is right for you.

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What's Inside?

Why sit and wonder whether the shared ownership scheme is right for you, when you could have a manual with all of the information ready and waiting for you?

If you’re a first-time home buyer who is wondering about using the scheme to get your foot on the property ladder, you can follow our guide for the very best support to make your mind up.

We have dived into the advantages and disadvantages and answered every question you could have about shared ownership. From explaining how the scheme works, to the pros and cons, you’ll have everything you need to fully understand if the shared ownership scheme is right for you.


What is Shared Ownership and How Does it Work?

This is a common question from any first-time home buyer thinking about shared ownership, and a vital part to deciding if the scheme is for you.
Propertyable’s free guide to shared ownership breaks down what shared ownership is and how it can help you get on the property ladder.


Who is Eleigible for Shared Ownership?

It is a common misconception that shared ownership is only open to first time buyers. However, the scheme isn’t exclusive and can assist a wide range of people and the free Propertyable guide has the expert insight you need to be able to assess is you will be eleigible for the shared ownership shceme.


What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Ownership?

Shared ownership offers both advantages and drawbacks, and understanding these pros and cons is essential for anyone considering this homeownership option. On one hand, shared ownership can provide a more accessible entry into the property market, enabling individuals to own a portion of a home when purchasing an entire property might be financially challenging. However, it also comes with its own set of complexities and potential limitations. In the Propertyable free guide, we’ll delve into the key pros and cons of shared ownership to help you make an informed decision about whether it aligns with your housing goals.


How Does Shared Ownership Work When Selling?

Shared ownership is different from the normal house-selling process because it involves selling a percentage of a property to a new buyer, with the property’s value typically assessed. The seller must follow set criteria when selling. In our free guide, we explore the difference to typical ways of selling so you can fully understand what entering into a shared ownership agreement will mean for you.

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Make Shared Ownership Simple with Propertyable's Free Guide

Having our guide on Shared Ownership within reach is the best way to avoid any nasty surprises as you navigate the world of home buying.

With big purchases come big contingencies. Instead of guessing and hoping for the best, check out our free guide and be fully prepared for every financial eventuality.

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