Stamp Duty For First Time Buyers

A First Time Buyer's Guide To Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty Land Tax isn’t something that we talk about a lot, even when talking about investing in property. But it’s important that prospective homeowners be informed about every step of the homebuying journey. To learn more about Stamp Duty, download our helpful guide today.

We’ve designed this guide to be as helpful as possible, providing some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding stamp duty. Propertyable are experts when it comes to the property market, with considerable home buying and landlord experience.

So if you’re looking to purchase a house and want expert information about stamp duty, download our guide today.

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What's Inside?

If you’re looking for information about Stamp Duty Land Tax, look no further than Propertyable.

Our handy Stamp Duty guide has been designed for both first-time buyers and people already on the property ladder. It provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Stamp Duty, including ‘What is Stamp Duty?’, ‘Is Stamp Duty Applicable to the Whole of the UK?’, and ‘Can You Add the Cost of Stamp Duty To The Cost of Your Mortgage?’ — as well as many more.

As we said before, we’re experts when it comes to the property market — with experience as both house buyers and landlords. We’re not some faceless company pushing clickbait or decades old advice, we’re working people dedicated to helping buyers like you get the house they deserve.

So if you’re looking for a handy, downloadable guide filled with answers to every question that you could ever ask about Stamp Duty, download ours today!


What is stamp duty land tax (SDLT)?

When you buy a property in England or Northern Ireland, you will pay a Government tax, which is known as Stamp Duty Land Tax.


Is stamp duty applicable to the whole of the UK?

Stamp Duty Land Tax is applicable to England and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, you pay Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and in Wales, it is known as Land Transaction Tax.


What qualifies as a first-time buyer for stamp duty?

To qualify as a first-time buyer, you must never have owned property (or had an interest in) in the UK or overseas.


What type of mortgage qualifies for first-time buyer stamp duty relief?

Buyers of shared ownership properties may be able to benefit from first-time buyers’ relief provided they are first-time buyers and the value of the property is £625,000 or less.


Can you add stamp duty to your mortgage?

Stamp duty is usually paid in full on completion of your purchase. You may have the option to add the amount onto your mortgage, but this will depend on the circumstance.

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